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  • Let ADHD and kinesthetic learners fidget!  “Far from restricting children from moving their  hands, if teachers encouraged more fidgeting in class, they might find children actually learn more.”  ~ Karen Pine, University of Hertfordshire
  • Write it down!  “ People remember lectures better when they’ve taken handwritten notes, rather than typed ones.”  ~Mueller and Oppenheimer
  • Use Floating Attention constructively! “If something we are engaged in is not interesting enough to sustain our focus, [doing a mildly stimulating secondary activity can allow] our brains to sustain focus on the primary activity.”  ~ Roland Rotz &Sarah D. Wright in Fidget To Focus:  Sensory Strategies For Living With ADHD


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Benefits of Fidgeting

  • Improve focus – kinesthetic people focus better if they can  keep their hands busy.
  • Promote a creative mindset by engaging the whole brain – discussions are left-brained; toys tap into the creative right brain.
  • Reduce stress – release pent-up energy and create a playful environment with fidget toys.
  • Enhance memory – the more senses you engage in an experience, the more memorable it becomes!
  • Occupy “floating attention” with a non-distracting activity!

Teachers, trainers, managers and parents say fidget toys work!!!

I set a basket of these items out in my medical office, where I only treat adults and EVERY adult who entered my office took one while we went through an evaluation. They loved them, and they help reduce anxiety.

I use these items as "fidgets" in my classroom to help ADHD students and others remain focused, but allow them to move as needed. Our saying is, "tools not toys," and the kids all rush to choose one in the morning.

Everybody loves when fidget toys are laid out across the tables. The people that look at them when they first walk in with the look of ‘I would never play with a Koosh ball’ are fiddling with the toys within minutes, and it increases participation.